How to be happy when everything keeps changing

covid19 stress, anxiety and recovery

Rules have changed and the world feels uncertain. But there are ways to be positive about life whatever your situation, says psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet If you’re feeling flat, exhausted and struggling to cope with the uncertainties as coronavirus cases rise again and distancing rules change, you are obviously not alone. For months now, in the […]

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The six commandments for Christmas family peace

1. Accept that everyone is a bit controlling at Christmas, so resist gently Most of us like Christmas done our way, but some get particularly agitated if things aren’t just so. People are controlling when they’re insecure or anxious, and the only way they can maintain inner peace is by imposing order externally. They need […]

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The 12 rules of a healthy separation

Emotional abuse

The highest percentage of divorcees in 2012 were aged 40-44 They may not give it the same title, or make a public statement, but every year, thousands of British couples separate in ways that are not disimilar to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. Announcing her separation from Coldplay singer Chris Martin, Paltrow explained that despite […]

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Christmas with the in-laws: a survival guide

Psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet has practical advice on spending time with the extended family Families, no matter how warm and loving, are rarely straightforward. And our relationships with our in-laws are traditionally among the trickiest — for the very good reason that these people aren’t related to us by blood, only circumstance. Most of us, when […]

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