What is Emotional Abuse?

inner child and emotions

Emotional abuse is one of the hardest forms of abuse to recognise. Jean-Claude Chalmet, Founder and lead therapist at The Place Retreat centre in Bali gives an insightful interview on the subject. In his explanation of the insidious nature of emotional abuse, he says, “You can’t take an x-ray or an MRI of emotional abuse.” […]

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Extinguishing burnout in 2020 – Techniques for Prevention & Recovery

Stress and overwork - crowds of people

We’re partnering with The Heart & Mind Foundation to host an event in London about extinguishing burnout in 2020. Read below to find out more.  We’re pleased to announce that on 18th January 2020, The Place Retreats will be hosting an event about extinguishing stress, burnout and anxiety from our everyday lives. Held at MoreYoga’s […]

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When Executives Burnout: Here’s how The Place can help

executive stress - The Place

‘Creating a healthy work-life balance is damn difficult,’ explains Jean-Clause Chalmet, Founder and leading psychotherapist at The Place Retreat. ‘In our centre in Bali and in our clinic in London, we see lots of executive burnout. We help these people by primarily reconnecting them to themselves in order to establish a better, healthier work-life balance.’ […]

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Accepting who you are: Helping the LGBTQ+ community at The Place

LGBTQ - The Place Retreat Bali - retreats

‘I think the LGBTQ+ community face enormous challenges. The first is to be exactly who you are. This is one of the most fundamental rights in this world.’ Jean-Claude Chalmet – Founder and leading Psychotherapist at The Place, Bali. According to Mental Health America, the LGBTQ+ community in the United States are three times more […]

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November is the Month of Self-Commitment

golden buddha

Self-commitment, the act of engaging with oneself, may seem like an indulgent concept. This is especially so in the Western world where being busy and serving others is, for many, a normal part of daily life. Even simple things like writing a journal or attending a yoga class can induce feelings of guilt. All too […]

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How to trust ourselves

Have you been in a situation where you don’t know what decision to take and what will be the next step, when everything that is happening outside just feels so overwhelming that we feel totally lost? It can be very difficult to trust people around us if we don’t have a sense of trust in […]

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How to live in the empty nest: the therapist’s guide for couples

The kids have left home and it’s just the two of you. So now what? Psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet on how to have a successful post-parenting relationship Your child is off to college, and you and your partner are suddenly going to be home alone. That went fast. So what’s the plan now? A trip around […]

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