Couple Relationships Part 1: Surviving the Fallout from an Affair

couple after an affair

In the first of this three-part podcast series – lead psychotherapist and Founder at The Place Retreats, Jean-Claude Chalmet, discusses the interesting dynamic between couples and relationships.  During the interview, Jean-Claude highlights the value that couples therapy can bring and explains that with the right type of therapy and guidance, couples can overcome most things, […]

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When Executives Burnout: Here’s how The Place can help

executive stress - The Place

‘Creating a healthy work-life balance is damn difficult,’ explains Jean-Clause Chalmet, Founder and leading psychotherapist at The Place Retreat. ‘In our centre in Bali and in our clinic in London, we see lots of executive burnout. We help these people by primarily reconnecting them to themselves in order to establish a better, healthier work-life balance.’ […]

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Why book a Long Stay Retreat?

It is widely acknowledged that the mind consists of a negative and a positive mind. They are both important to our wellbeing, providing us with protection and expansiveness.  However, if the negative mind is too strong or the positive mind too weak, our perception of reality soon becomes negatively distorted.  At The Place Retreats Bali, our […]

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