Jean-Claude Chalmet transforms to sex lives of the most powerful people globally

Jean-Claude - The Place Retreats

The Place Retreats in Bali is where the planet’s elite master the principles of erotic life, thanks to unique and tailored retreat programmes. Behind this very successful idea is psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet, who trained in this captivating science in Greece. We spoke with him in an exclusive interview for “The Hedonism Issue.” The Place  Retreats has paid […]

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This Is The Transformative Retreat The Financial Elite Are Flocking To In Bali

“If you’re not able to see the beauty inside of yourself, you won’t be able to see it outside” – Yoga Instructor Manuela Herreros, The Place Retreats. With experience and practices that span nearly two decades, founder of The Place Retreats and highly-regarded therapist is Jean-Claude Chalmet (JC) who offers guests an intimate and transformative space in Seminyak, Bali. […]

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Finding ourselves again at The Place Retreat in Seminyak, Bali

Queen of Retreats found the Place Retreats Bali to be transformational: “The private therapy sessions with Jean-Claude were where the real self-work took place. I had five during my stay and achieved more in terms of emotional healing in those few hours alone than I’d had in two years of counselling.” For Queen of Retreats writer […]

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