Meditation for Prosperity

Meditation for Prosperity

Is it really possible to bring prosperity into our lives through meditation? At The Place, we truly believe so.

Meditative practice can be extremely powerful at removing blocks, especially when used alongside other self-development tools, such as yoga and psychotherapy.

Here, Manuela Herreros invites you to join her in a meditation to welcome wealth into your life.

Manifesting creativity leads to prosperity

This meditation connects to the heart and begins in the seat of the belly around the navel, which is the seed of all creativity. When we manifest creativity, prosperity follows. 

This meditation should not be done for more than 11 minutes each time. Its purpose isn’t to become financially rich. In fact, the reason why it is only recommended that you practice prosperity meditation for a maximum of 11 minutes each time is to protect oneself from becoming caught up in greed.

While this particular meditation is often thought of at the beginning of a New Year, it can be practised all year round to keep creativity alive and to ensure we live a life of purpose, while at the same time enjoy financial security.

We manifest prosperity from the inside

When we think about prosperity we often look outside of ourselves – our jobs, our connections with family and friends, our circumstances – but really the focus should be on what is inside.

Prosperity, in this dimension, isn’t purely about money and financial security – it is also about an abundance of creativity, fulfilment and happiness. 

Manuela asks some important questions. “What do you need to make your soul happy? What do you need to bring in? What do you want to manifest? What is it that will make you feel more connected to yourself? How can you help in a world that is developing with more consciousness?”

The prosperity meditation can help to answer all of these questions.

Manipura: the willpower centre

This powerful prosperity mediation works with sound. It uses the voice to stimulate the willpower centre, which is situated in the navel area. The mantra for this meditation is ‘Har Har’, which is chanted as if from the navel area (make the Har sound like hu-duh). It means ‘creative infinity’. Chant powerfully and continuously throughout the meditation, while striking the sides of the hands together. 

The willpower centre is called manipura or the fire centre (mani means jewel, and pura means place or city).

A strong manipura supports vibrant health and connects us with the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make good decisions, all of which support prosperity.

It is powerful when you tap into your navel and stimulate the energy there. This is an invitation to get stronger in the navel point. The navel is everything in all traditions.

With the right intention, the prosperity meditation will help to attract financial wealth into your life. With regular practice, money and opportunity can appear in your life from unexpected sources.

Why not give our meditation a try? You don’t have to be on retreat with us to do it. Join Manuela virtually by watching the video now.

Don’t forget to end your meditation with the words, Sat Nam, which means true identity, and closes your meditation with intention. 

About Manuela Herreros

Manuela teaches Kundalini yoga and meditation and is passionate about helping students on their path to heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness.

Born in Chile, Manuela has lived in Bali for the past 12 years with her husband and three daughters. Since the birth of her first daughter with special needs, Manuela has dedicated her life to the study and teachings of yoga and meditation.

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