Monthly Meditation: A Meditation for Emotional Balance

Monthly Meditation: A Meditation for Emotional Balance

A meditation to take you from a place of fear to a place of love

In support of Jean-Claude Chalmet and Marta Antera’s teachings on how to move from fear to love, Manuela Herreras, Yoga Instructor at The Place retreat centre in Bali, invites you to join her in a meditation that will bring balance and a sense of calm to your emotional state.

The spectrum of emotion

In life we experience a broad spectrum of emotion, from fear through to love, and many different emotions in between. For many, especially those of us living a modern western life, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. This meditation for emotional balance takes just 3 minutes. It brings a sense of calm and can be used to bring balance when we catch ourselves in overwhelming situations.

Emotions and the element of water

Emotions are related to water, one of the elements of nature. If you think about water as something that is fluid, that flows and wavers, you can easily see why it is tied to emotion. Water is essential to human life. It is a life-sustaining force.

Imagine a stream. When water stops flowing it becomes stagnant. The same can be said of our emotions in the body. When our emotions are out of balance or stuck, there is a greater susceptibility to disease in the body. This is a meditation to support the balance and free-flow of human emotion.

Preparing for this meditation

Because this meditation is about bring balance to the emotions and is related to the element of water, start by drinking a full glass of water. This is to ensure you are hydrated. Manuela explains, “When we are hydrated we are in our best state. If you are dehydrated, the chemistry of the body is not going to work properly.”

Meditation as a means of affecting change in the body

The emotion of fear or differing shades of that produce in the body a certain kind of chemistry that is supporting that state, for example, the stress hormone cortisol, which keeps us in a fight-or-flight sense of alertness. This is important in moments of danger, but shouldn’t be a place we are in at all times.

Love, on the other hand, triggers a different chemistry in the body, releasing dopamine, a hormone and neurotransmitter, which plays a role in feelings of happiness and pleasure. 

Using meditation, we can learn to shift and move from a state of fear to a state of calm and contentment. For all of this to happen it is very important that your body is hydrated.

This meditation begins with a real sense of self-care, in a position that emulates a hug. Manuela coaches us to slow and deepen our breathing. These two things combined bring a sense of being totally supported.

In this process we can learn to be the master of ourselves and support emotional well-being. When we feel overwhelmed we can use this meditation to restore emotional balance. The meditation is all about creating a balancing rhythm with the breath. 

This form of meditation calms the nervous system down and as a result, biochemically the body starts to work differently. It supports the body and mind to be in a space of love, self-care, grounding and openness. Regularly supporting ourselves and engaging in this kind of meditation practice enables us to generally face difficult situations with a greater sense of calm.

Join Manuela by watching our video and enjoy a new sense of calm, peace and love within. This is a wonderful, short meditation you can do anywhere and at anytime to relax and re-balance. Even three minutes every evening will create change.

Remember to finish every meditation by saying or singing these words:

Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam

Sat Nam means ‘true Identity’. Read more about the power of our words and intentions here.

About Manuela

Manuela has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 18 years and has been leading retreats on the island of Bali for the last six years. She has a deep passion and curiosity for the connection between the body and mind. 

Manuela draws from different traditions and philosophies in her meditation and yoga teachings, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini yoga. Manuela’s approach is gentle and compassionate. She is a passionate facilitator, helping people to find the power of self-knowledge and the path to a better life.

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