Has lockdown broken your relationship and is it irreparable

relationship during covid

Love is an important driver in any relationship. However, during lockdown even the most sturdy, ‘loved up’ couples have experienced problems in their relationship, some are even beyond repair.  Jean Claude – Chalmet, renowned psychotherapist at The Place Retreats explains that: “While love is important, the truth is love alone isn’t enough. Love is the bond that […]

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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health (and Relationships) During Lockdown

distancing covid19 and isolation

The recent lockdown has inevitably caused a series of emotional side effects with anxiety and stress being the two main culprits for people in the wider population. And with experts predicting that ‘the psychological impact could be deep and long-term’ I think it’s imperative that mental health professionals (like myself) continue to spread the message […]

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