Monthly Meditation: A Meditation for Emotional Balance

Kundalini Meditation for Emotional Balance

A meditation to take you from a place of fear to a place of love In support of Jean-Claude Chalmet and Marta Antera’s teachings on how to move from fear to love, Manuela Herreras, Wellness Director at The Place retreat centre in Bali, invites you to join her in a meditation that will bring balance […]

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Monthly Meditation: The Power of Words and Intentions

Flower - meditation and growth - The Place Bali

A Meditation to Connect You with Your True Identity Manuela Herreros, Wellness Director and yoga teacher at The Place, invites you to connect more deeply with the power of words and intentions. Through Kundalini Yoga and meditation you can look into your life, follow your intuition and create an intention of what you want to create or manifest in this […]

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