Couples Retreat

Intensive Couples Retreat

03 August – 11 August 2019

How do you feel about the quality of your relationship? Have you lost that ‘spark’ that attracted you to your partner? Maybe you feel that the two of you are drifting apart or that circumstances are working against you.

The truth is that we all need to feel intimacy, trust and respect within our relationship. We want to feel heard and understood by our partner. And yet even within a loving relationship, all too often we are pushed  away by anger, jealousy, old resentments and boredom.

Relationships that thrive are built on communication and understanding. But in order to understand and relate to our partner we must also understand how we relate to ourselves.

The Retreat

The couple’s retreat is an intensive programme set out over 8 days. Upon arrival in Bali, you will be welcomed into the five-star retreat centre which is your home for the duration of the retreat. You will be totally free of all responsibilities such as meals, transport and activities are all catered for, giving you both the time and space to focus on your relationship.

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Is this right for us?

Whether you feel that your relationship is in crisis or is just in need of some fine-tuning, the retreat for couples will reveal the blockages that are holding back your relationship and show you how to overcome them. You will learn how to understand and reconnect with your partner, communicate from the heart, heal old wounds and overcome any fears that keep you from moving forward. The only requirement from you is an open mind and a commitment to engage with the programme.


Length: 8 days
Location: Bali, Indonesia

  • Contemporary and spacious guest room with an ensuite bathroom
  • All meals prepared by our resident chef
  • Airport transfers
  • 4 Couple Therapy sessions
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga
  • 3 Tantra sessions
  • 2 Complimentary Therapy sessions (the choices are: Craniosacral, Energy Healing, Spiritual Wellness, Watsu and Hypnotherapy)
  • 2 Balinese Massages
  • 2 Yin Yoga sessions

What can I say… I was surprised, I had never gone to a retreat and had only practiced formal one to one therapy.
The variety of works we did whether in groups or solo just worked for me it allowed me open up ways have I have struggled with in the past and I do think part of it was how comfortable I was made to feel in my surroundings.
One of biggest moments of my life occurred at that house so I only have great memories.


I truly did not expect what I had found in this retreat. Elegant, but also truly profound. The balance and sophistication of the combined “wellness” modalities supported a surprising and welcome release. I cannot imagine anyone not walking way the better for it. – Oh and, the food is beyond!


We discovered some amazing realisations on the retreat about ourselves and as a couple that we still cherish today. We were both treated as equals despite Nick having had lots of therapy and Jo not yet dipping her toe in.

The warmth, love and attentive nature of the Kundalini and Tantra yoga teachers, Manuela and Angela was amazing. We felt comforted and they helped us connect to each other in a way we’d never experienced and had been too frightened to even attempt. At times they push you but it never feels uncomfortable because you know they have the right intention and purpose… and don’t worry if you’ve never done kundalini and tantra before; neither had we.

The therapists are the best in the business. Sessions can be intense but they will always hit the nail on the head which means that enormous growth can be achieved on a retreat. We also had the unique experience of equine therapy which made the process highly visual as the horse can represent and mimic your own internal emotions.

It is also amazing to have the support of your fellow group members on the retreat as you are all being guided on your exciting personal journeys.

-Nick and Jo

Wow what an experience!!!!!

Our story began when we decided that our marriage needed some help and we desperately needed to re-connect with one another therefore we are going to go on a couples retreat!

One of us has had previous experience of therapy and yoga and the other one of us was a complete virgin, having said that it was a rather exciting but daunting feeling of the unknown when boarding the plane to Bali for us both….and may we add we took our one year old too….ekkks! (The villa hired us a nanny who was perfect for our sons character).

We arrived in Bali and were greeted at the airport by the nicest happiest driver you could find. After a short car journey (could be very long in peak rush hour), we arrived at what we can only call paradise! The villa and grounds are amazing, immaculately clean and decorated with such high quality taste. You immediately felt at home and your every need/want is catered for by the villa staff at all times  of the day.

Our bedroom was already set up with everything a family of 3 could need and was so beautiful and relaxing.

That evening we had a lovely meal, all cooked by the AMAZING Mr Johnson and here is where we met the rest of the retreat group along with the yoga teachers and the therapists. Was such a warm welcome that actually some of our anxiety had already left and we were ready for the day ahead.

The next 7 days were a huge mix of emotion and self realisation. You HAVE to embrace each day and greet it with an open mind In order to get the max out of the experience. Even thou it was very challenging at times it was also very rewarding.
Not only did we connect back up with one another but actually we connected more deeply with our individual.

It is hard, really not a retreat as in you get pampered on a daily basis, (there is a massage opportunity throughout the day so not all bad), it’s emotionally hard, at times physically testing and it can even be scary BUT trust the guys who are guiding you, they are special and we owe them so much.

There’s JC, he does the couples therapy and he is the foundation of the program. He is kind but firm, he holds no prisoners but he also hold your hand, personally we have a lot to be thankful to him for. He has a way of getting through to you which is a very special gift to hold. Amazing individual with a huge heart.

“Then there’s Manuela, she is the kundalini yoga teacher. Never done kundalini before but we soooooooo looked forward to starting each day in her presence. She has such a kind manner about her and she really really is a master of her trade, we have both come away with mantras which help us through the hard times, if she was in the UK we would be going to see her every week!

Then there’s Anna, she is the equestrian assisted therapist…..therapy with horses present! We were very sceptical about this, never heard of it and wasn’t sure it was as the research said. Having now experienced it ourselves it’s a mind opener. Horses are such wonderful creatures with so much emotion. Anna is fab at making you feel comfortable and has an unique way of making you feel safe to open up…..even when there’s a horse running around you!

And finally there is Angela, she is the Tantra teacher. This at the start was the hardest part of the day for us. Not only is it the most energetic but it’s also very quirky and outside of most people’s comfort zone! Once you embrace this practice it’s sooooooo liberating it’s literary a game changer! It really is different to anything we have ever experienced/participated in in our whole lives but it had such a great impact that literary we can’t wait to go again.

Overall, this couples retreat is different but so effective, so challenging, so liberating, so educational and so special! We went with no specific expectations but we came away with the most humbling and awakening experience which we will cherish forever. Oh and the food provided is just the BEST!!!!!

Thank you to the whole team, it beats any 5 star plus resort, the staff are the kindest happiest staff we came across, nothing is ever too much trouble and our one year old was definitely the centre of attention.

Thank you JC and team for a life changing experience, we reconnected with both each other and discovered ourselves in a way which has made us embrace life differently and enjoy more!