Words from some of our previous participants

We came to The Place looking for connection and a new beginning and we found so much more. Before we even arrived, we had a call with Jean-Claude and it started the connection to what we wanted to achieve and to ensure we were ready from the moment we arrived to work on our desired outcome for the couples retreat.

From the moment the doors opened we felt welcomed and at home. The program was designed for us and we felt we had a lot of options to make the experience what we wanted. We cannot talk highly enough about all the team at The Place, the yoga was exceptional, and all the healers and treatments were beyond our expectations.

As a couple we came away reunited, connected and confident in our path together. We would recommend this to couples looking for a dedicated time together to discover each other and to work on their own path as individuals within the relationship. We have recommended this retreat to friends already and we will be back!


L, Couples Retreat

I wanted a retreat to take time out for myself, to renew physically and emotionally after leaving a full-on senior consulting role to go freelance for the first time. I work as an executive coach and leadership development practitioner so know about human growth and change, yet the challenges of the previous 18 months had stretched and stressed me far more than I anticipated. Having come through phases of desperately fearing failure, intense over-working and striving for sustainability, I wanted an opportunity to reflect back, to take care of my body as well as my mind, and to look forward in life. I wanted something that was holistic without being hippy, with psychological depth and human authenticity, led by experienced professional practitioners and without having to survive on raw juice for the duration of the programme! The search was a long one, however when I discovered The Place I quickly felt I had found what I was looking for.

An initial conversation with JC confirmed my decision. Even on the phone, he radiates warmth and wisdom and I was immediately confident about working with him. During our sessions, JC worked boldly and kindly, helping me reassess my past, re-connect with lost parts of myself and encourage my vision for the future. He is an astute and compassionate therapist. These sessions were truly complemented by the programme of yoga, massage and treatments, enabling me to access and process emotions and physical responses during my retreat in a very holistic way. Each individual part of the experience adds value to the whole, beyond what I can put into words.

Kundalini yoga was a new experience for me, and so different from the ‘exercise yoga’ that is commonplace in the UK. Manuela led our daily programme with such grace and commitment to each participant’s individual journey and potential to go further, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Working with her opened my eyes to a new realm of personal insight and growth.

Every practitioner at The Place brings their gifts to you, healing, revealing and releasing different aspects of yourself to support your personal development journey. The whole experience is set in the beautiful and tranquil setting of the villas and gardens, with space for privacy when you wish it as well as moments to connect with other guests. At mealtimes you will have the opportunity to enjoy Mr Johnson’s outstandingly delicious food… body, mind and spirit are all cared for and nourished during your stay.

Since returning from my retreat I have noticed my anxiety drop away, moved with ease through the busiest time of year in my business without feeling stressed, and started a new phase of aligning how I live and work with what matters most to me. I feel more optimistic, courageous and open about the future. I believe we are all ‘both a masterpiece and a work in progress’ and I will return to The Place this summer to continue healing, growing and discovering more of my potential.

Thank you to everyone at The Place for being who you are.


Mia, Executive Coach, England

I feel unbelievably lucky that we came to the Place. I had thought about coming for an individual retreat because I had been a client of JC’s and knew his work to be hugely powerful. It is not an understatement to say that I am not sure what my life would look like now had I not spent some time in JC’s therapy room in London over the past eight years. In 2016, I awoke to the fact of an abusive childhood and the corollary of choices and patterns that this has led to in adult life: this has put me on a path to personal and spiritual growth.  As part of this journey, I have been taking Kundalini classes for years, and thought this retreat would be a fantastic combination and a huge opportunity for further expansion and learning. I had never done tantra but was curious to try it.  But I decided to come with my boyfriend on the couples’ retreat because we had restarted a relationship that had broken down. I wanted to be sure the foundations of this renewed relationship were solid and that we had a clear and honest understanding of our intentions and desires. I did not want to make any of the mistakes of the relationship the first time around. I wanted us to get better at talking about all of this. I felt fearful and uncertain, but I wanted the relationship held up to the light, to see what was really there.

By the time we arrived at the retreat, however, I’m not sure how much I was thinking about any of this. As it happened, I had buried my father just a few weeks before and been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress after some dramatic events in the run up to my dad’s death. These events had unlocked further childhood trauma. By the time I arrived at the Place, I was in a state of numbed-out, survival-mode distress. My spreadsheet of goals were a jumble in my head and I just wanted exhale in a place far away from dramas.

Even looking back now, a year later, I cannot believe how much was achieved in those 9 days. It was a tough emotional journey, but we felt held and safe thanks to JC, Manuela, Angela, Jeremy and Mr Johnson all of whom showed us the most exceptional kindness and love. They were there for us the entire time, whilst allowing us space. Being honest in a relationship means you sometimes have to hear things you don’t like; but the upside is, that you hear some things that are truly, deeply rewarding if you are broth brave enough to say and hear them.  JC’s kind and careful guidance helped us to handle the delicate things — but that was not a surprise to me. The revelation for me was the Tantra, which was an invitation to be truly authentic, both with ourselves and each other; which in turn meant to accept one another as we are, to embrace one another’s vulnerabilities and pledge to handle one another’s broken bits with care. These promises which we whispered to one another in one of the classes, were one of several of moments in these Tantra sessions that I’ll always remember as some of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in my life. They were raw, honest, but we were seen and understood by one another in those moments, heart to heart. Angela is a wonderful teacher and brings her joy and lightness to some very heavy work. She is very straight talking, which we appreciated. What we learned was that staying connected takes work and intention — and we were extremely grateful to be shown the tools that can make this happen.


JG, Couples Retreat.

This was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I thought I needed a holiday because I felt so tired, so stuck and so un-motivated that I really needed a retreat at The Place.

Words don’t really to justice to how much you can in 8 days and most importantly how much you can change.

The combination of Kundalini yoga (which I had never done before) and psychotherapy is very powerful. Be prepared to experience a wash of different emotions as all your senses are tapped into. And, when you do feel them, stick with the process as you know its really working.  More importantly, you know you are doing the work on yourself to be a better version of you.

What I loved about being here is that the therapists are working with you to achieve your goals. I was mind-blown by the healing massages, acupuncture and water massage which compliment the talking therapy and yoga beautifully.

What I also loved is that you are given the time to reflect on the process and because all the staff are so attentive it means that your whole focus can be on you.

It is a truly beautiful and completely unique experience, one that words cannot match. You need to feel it to believe how amazing it is. I came with a lot of baggage but I leave 100 times lighter and ready to go back to the real world outside of this wonderful safe cocoon, knowing that I take with me new tools and new insight into myself to achieve my next steps.

Thank you with all my heart.


G, Individual Growth Retreat.

Describing my experience here at the Place Retreats, Bali is difficult, as it is different for everyone.

I came to the Place for a 90-day retreat with no experience of yoga, meditation or therapy; I’d met Jean-Claude about 6 months previously, after having heard glowing praise about him, from people I intimately trust.

The work I did here was centered around 25 years of anxiety, lack of confidence and serious emotional disconnection. Saying I was at the end of the road would be an understatement. My back was against the wall and I was faced with a choice of either taking a leap of faith or plunging into the darkness.

Coming to the Place is and probably will be forever, the best choice I have ever made, here I found a place of safety where I was listened to and helped without judgment and where the only goal was to help me recover and discover my true self.

I was finally able to breathe and live again. The work I’ve done here is by no means easy, it can be hard and at times very emotional. I have struggled deeply with my inner demons, but finally I was given a chance to confront them on an equal footing.

It requires commitment and desire to recover and discover one’s true self.
Being here has changed my life for the better, and although my work isn’t done, I can finally see the light and experience the joy of life.

I cannot recommend the Place highly enough. It has been hard, it has been transformational, and above all, it has been beautiful.


CB, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

I cannot recommend Jean-Claude more highly. He has been a fantastic psychotherapist. I cannot believe what I have managed to achieve both in therapy and in my personal and professional life as a result of working with him and I consider myself lucky to have had such a fantastic opportunity. Jean-Claude has endless patience and gets right to the root of the problem so that you are not just putting a plaster on something for a few days but are really dealing with the issue, learning where it comes from and understanding repeating patterns so that it does not need to bother you any longer as you move forward with all the good things that life has to offer.

The Place is fantastic, a wonderful retreat, beautiful, peaceful, exactly what you would hope for but probably didn’t think existed. With The Place it does. Everything you need is provided so that you really get the chance to focus holistically on yourself or your family, work hard, and make the most of your time there.


G, Therapy Sessions

The Place was a very special and beautiful experience! I attended a 8 days program that was varied, extremely interesting and very well balanced. It has been a truly magical and wonderful time, discovering my own self and finding who I really am.
I left grounded and so relieved to finally have the keys in hand to achieve happiness. I have also been inspired to practice Kundalini yoga twice a week and meditation daily back home in Paris.
Thank you to Jean-Claude and Manuela for this life changing experience. I hope to attend another retreat next year!”

All my love

Aude xxx

A therapist, former head of commodities trading, saved my life…

The serendipity of being introduced to Jean-Claude, four and a half years ago. He saved my life.

Even though I had a very stable upbringing, a successful, well-paid career and a rewarding role as managing director of a London-based global investment bank; I was in a serious predicament with respect to my personal life five years ago….and soon after, with my career.

Once I started to meet with JC weekly, what appeared to be a challenging dynamic, turned into the steepest learning curve of my life, and the start of a great and fulfilling new chapter of my life. Three years later, I find him to be the most understanding, intelligent, pragmatic, knowledgeable and supportive therapist imaginable.

JC has an ability to no only think outside the box, but more importantly, to see around corners. His insightful questions provided me with the key answers to navigate, what appeared at the time, to be treacherous waters and develop life long coping and learning skills.

The sessions were not easy…JC is direct, a straight-shooter, and only by confronting my personal issues head-on, was I able to manage them. I often use these skills today, and on occasion, when a chat with JC is the panacea, he speaks with me from Bali. I feel much more inner peace today, thanks to the guidance and mentoring JC has provided.

I believe that for anyone working finance/business, regardless of their personal circumstances, they would greatly benefit from seeing JC. His background as a head of commodities trading, investment banker, entrepreneur and philanthropist, followed by studying and training for six years to become an accomplished therapist, before starting his practice in London is not only unique, it is a gift for those who have the chance to have sessions with JC.

Finance is a high pressure environment, which extends not only to the work environment, but also to family and personal life. In hindsight, I was making some bad choices, and had I not met JC, I believe that I would have ended up making some grave mistakes, without having the tools to survive and keep it all together. JC’s ability to make me feel comfortable to articulate the issues, coupled with helping me find coping mechanisms and solutions, meant the difference between failure and success, misery and happiness, instability and stability.

JC introduced me to a wonderful yoga teacher in London, and although I am just a beginner, I have already felt the great benefits from Kundalini yoga. It is my dream to spend 2-3 months at The Place. I am certain that I will do this within the next year, which I feel will be the next chapter in my development and growth.

In the meantime, I have never been happier and at more peace with myself, and much of this I owe to JC.

Nothing has been more rewarding than confronting adversity, overcoming it, while growing and learning at the same time, with JC as my mentor and guide.

Senior Executive of Global Investment Bank.

The 10 days rebirthing journey has been for me an amazing way of reconnecting to my body and heart. Kundalini Yoga could unveil its benefits through Manuela teachings and the therapy sessions by JC prove to be preciously guiding this journey. I would recommend this experience to anyone in the process of embracing personal development and life change.

Benoit, Kundalini Rebirthing Journey.

I cannot recommend Jean-Claude more highly. He has been a fantastic psychotherapist. I cannot believe what I have managed to achieve both in therapy and in my personal and professional life as a result of working with him and I consider myself lucky to have had such a fantastic opportunity. Jean-Claude has endless patience and gets right to the root of the problem so that you are not just putting a plaster on something for a few days but are really dealing with the issue, learning where it comes from and understanding repeating patterns so that it does not need to bother you any longer as you move forward with all the good things that life has to offer.

The Place is fantastic, a wonderful retreat, beautiful, peaceful, exactly what you would hope for but probably didn’t think existed. With The Place it does. Everything you need is provided so that you really get the chance to focus holistically on yourself or your family, work hard, and make the most of your time there.

G, Therapy Session.

This was the most life changing experience I’ve ever had. The Place is where I found out how to reconnect with myself. Jean-Claude, Manuela and Jeremy were a trio that you just can’t beat! They are the most loving, helpful, supportive people that I will ever meet, and will forever look up to. I would recommend The Place to anyone and everyone!

It’s truly amazing what we discover when we take the time for ourselves.

NC, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

In 2018, I spent three months in Bali for the 90-day retreat. Though not always enjoyable, it was definitely a life changing process. The combination of Kundalini Yoga and Therapy sessions was a fantastic pairing; Releasing the old emotions and building and accessing the new ones. JC, Manuela and Jeremy all worked tirelessly to make sure we were supported and Mr Johnson, the chef, worked equally hard to make sure we were never hungry! Bali is a special place, and I hope to return there very soon to continue my journey ( and to see Daisy and Mela, the dogs, who were always there to give love and support after a difficult day!).

NM, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

Recently separated after over 20 years of marriage, I felt I was at a crossroads; chastising myself for what could have been at the same time as being terrified of the future. Neither direction was particularly appealing or positive.

90 days seemed to be a long time to spend on myself but I decided that, in the greater scheme of things, 90 days was a very small amount of time to reboot my life. I was shortly to realise that, contrary to my conditioning, spending time on myself would be beneficial not only for myself but also to those around me.

Kundalini Yoga is extraordinary. I have never experienced anything like it. Slowly and imperceptibly it opens up the mind so that issues that have been buried for many years pop to the surface. It may well be that these have been buried for so long that even you are unaware of them. This was the issue in my case.

Once the Kundalini had found the way to expose these feelings, Jean Claude was on hand to make sense of and accept them so there was space to move forward.

I could not possibly have felt safer in this process which at times was very frightening; to come face to face with age old fears and patterns is not a comfortable position to be in. I felt no judgment or harshness. I only felt fully supported in the knowledge that everyone at The Place was working and helping me to be free of these destructive patterns.

Whilst there, I did art therapy which was both illuminating and enormous fun. Throwing paint onto a huge canvas and then jumping and dancing on it was not something I had time for in the UK! I also tried surfing – once! – and mastered the art of driving a scooter. I also spent a lot of time in the beautiful Villa where there is plenty of space to be alone but always people around if you want company.

Two years on, I still do my Kundalini practice and meditation every day. I am more centred, I am happier and I am more forgiving and less judgmental of myself and others. I am forever grateful that I had the courage to walk through the front door of The Place. It was truly truly transformational.

KM, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

I could never adequately put into words just how magical The Place truly is, but I know there is nowhere else I could ever hope to find the love, support, understanding and respect I received in Bali. When I arrived at The Place for a 90-day retreat, I had no idea why I was there or what to expect. I gathered my very last bits of courage and hope to get there, after spending years completely disconnected from myself on a cocktail of psychotropic medications. I waited several months to write this because even after I left, I couldn’t fully grasp how The Place would impact my life. I suppose if I had to sum up what I learned, it would be to love myself, and within that, who ‘myself’ truly is. We worked tirelessly in yoga, therapy, and our free time to observe and release years and years of fear and turn it into strength, resilience and above all, love. Our days and weeks were varied, sometimes spent journalling and staring into space, and sometimes filled with activities such as surfing, horse-riding or volunteering, but the progress never stopped. Every day was a new challenge, but also a new victory and by the end of the retreat I was no longer apathetic or afraid of my past, present or future, and couldn’t wait to ‘rejoin’ the world. I don’t take any medications, I feel physically healthier than ever, and above all, I have perspective and a new-found ‘sparkle’ (as my friends and family have put it.) Several months later and I know that no matter the challenges that arise, whether they be in or out of my control, I’ll always feel safe and loved because I’ll always have myself. I have The Place and the extraordinary therapists and staff that work there to thank and will be forever grateful. (Especially to Mr Johnson, who spoiled us every day with the most delicious food!)

L G, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

Having reached a crossroad in my life at the age of 30, after leaving my career behind and coming out of a long, toxic relationship, I was lost and looking for answers. I already had a relationship with the people behind The Place and this was how I learned about the 90 day intensive retreat.

Initially I hesitated to commit myself to a time period of 3 months away, however I decided that an investment of 3 months would be small-change compared to the lifelong change that it could bring. I can say with hindsight that it was absolutely the right decision to go.

From the moment I arrived I felt like I was at home. I was greeted at the airport by Jolly the friendly driver who took me straight to The Place. The villas and the rooms were absolutely gorgeous! From the friendly staff and lavish meals to Mela and Daisy, the beautiful dogs, it’s like staying with a friend who just happens to live in a 5 star hotel. A special mention must go to Mr Johnson, the Head of the villa, who took care of everything and looked after me so well, even arranging to hire a scooter for me so that I could go off and explore the island.

The work of the retreat is intense. At the beginning JC and Manuela explained to us that the combination of Psychotherapy and Kundalini is powerful mix that opens both the heart and the mind. Having never done Kundalini before I was nervous, but JC and Manuela held me very well throughout the process and I always felt like I was safe.

During my time on retreat I was brought face to face with the biggest fears that have held me back all my life. It wasn’t always easy, in fact at times it was very difficult, but I can’t imagine another place where I would have felt safe enough to identify and confront my inner demons and to come out the other side victorious.

I’m writing this testimonial some two years after completing the retreat. I look back on the retreat as a pivotal moment in my life and I’m a different person now than I was before I went. I’m very happy that I made the decision to go.

D, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

I stayed at The Place for the 40/90 day intensive retreat. This retreat lived up to its name and the experience was truly transformative. Doing Kundalini everyday mixed with the personal and group therapy sessions was an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself and about how to break free from my past. The accommodation, meals and staff were superb throughout and I felt like I was at home from the moment I arrived. I would highly recommend anyone to take the time to immerse themselves in this retreat.

D, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

What can I say… I was surprised, I had never gone to a retreat and had only practiced formal one to one therapy.
The variety of works we did whether in groups or solo just worked for me it allowed me open up ways have I have struggled with in the past and I do think part of it was how comfortable I was made to feel in my surroundings.
One of biggest moments of my life occurred at that house so I only have great memories.

B, Couples retreat

We discovered some amazing realisations on the retreat about ourselves and as a couple that we still cherish today. We were both treated as equals despite Nick having had lots of therapy and Jo not yet dipping her toe in.

The warmth, love and attentive nature of the Kundalini and Tantra yoga teachers, Manuela and Angela was amazing. We felt comforted and they helped us connect to each other in a way we’d never experienced and had been too frightened to even attempt. At times they push you but it never feels uncomfortable because you know they have the right intention and purpose… and don’t worry if you’ve never done kundalini and tantra before; neither had we.

The therapists are the best in the business. Sessions can be intense but they will always hit the nail on the head which means that enormous growth can be achieved on a retreat. We also had the unique experience of equine therapy which made the process highly visual as the horse can represent and mimic your own internal emotions.

It is also amazing to have the support of your fellow group members on the retreat as you are all being guided on your exciting personal journeys.

N & J, Couples retreat

This retreat based on a subtle  mix in-between psychology, spirituality and yoga has been for me a great opportunity to grow.
Based in luxurious environment within Bali’s amazing vibes, the high quality of the therapists and teachers makes it a rare and exceptional experience.

B, Individual Growth Retreat

When I first heard about “rebirthing” I didn’t  know what we were going to face… when Manuela the Kundalini teacher explained to us the first day I never thought it was so intense and effective.

The first 3 days all my family structures and beliefs system went to the ground, every day after the practice I came out with a lot of confusion about my family structures, and the person I thought I was.

After the first few day feeling in small crisis, on the fourth day I felt a change when I woke up and when I finished the practice and the anguish was gone.  The most beautiful thing was that I could identify the source of my pain so I was able to start rebuilding a new foundation, to really reborn.

This with the assistance of a teacher like Manuela, she was delicate, motherly and supportive, showing me the importance of this practice. I have learned that the crisis were  an opportunity to grow.

Manuela every day asked me what I felt after the practice helping me to identify and shape the feelings.

And then I could talk about them in my sessions with JC, and be able to go deeper, it was amazing to see how everything came together.

At the end of the process, I felt that it was my biggest step, the beginning of a new me, where I started to build over this new foundation. I really recommend “Rebirthing” as al life changing experience!

V S, Kundalini Rebirthing  Journey

I visited Bali and The Place in April 2017 and it was without a doubt a life changing experience.
Apart from all the pampering you get from the lovely staff of the villa, the excellent food cooked by the ever so accommodating Mr Johnson, the activities, the in-house treatments which you can arrange on demand, and the villa its self, which is an oasis of beautiful gardens, a pristine pool and the lovely rooms decorated in tune with Balinese style, nothing falls short of the word retreat. it is indeed a retreat for both the body and soul.

Jean Claude, Manuela and all the staff, make sure this is a stay catered to the individual’s needs, and at the same that you are part of a group, who, for the duration of your stay, and thereafter, become your ‘family’ as you have shared this amazing experience with them.

I would highly recommend The Place to anyone who is looking to get away from the busy city life and the unavoidable stress that comes along with it, and spend quality time with either a family member, a partner, or alone, in order to manage to get a better and more informed perspective of life as a whole.

E, Individual Growth Retreat

Wow what an experience!!!!!

Our story began when we decided that our marriage needed some help and we desperately needed to re-connect with one another, therefore, we are going to go on a couples retreat!

One of us has had previous experience of therapy and yoga and the other one of us was a complete virgin, having said that it was a rather exciting but daunting feeling of the unknown when boarding the plane to Bali for us both….and may we add we took our one year old too….ekkks! (The villa hired us a nanny who was perfect for our son’s character).

We arrived in Bali and were greeted at the airport by the nicest happiest driver you could find. After a short car journey (could be very long in peak rush hour), we arrived at what we can only call paradise! The villa and grounds are amazing, immaculately clean and decorated with such high-quality taste. You immediately felt at home and your every need/want is catered for by the villa staff at all times of the day.

Our bedroom was already set up with everything a family of 3 could need and was so beautiful and relaxing.

That evening we had a lovely meal, all cooked by the AMAZING Mr Johnson and here is where we met the rest of the retreat group along with the yoga teachers and the therapists. Was such a warm welcome that actually some of our anxiety had already left and we were ready for the day ahead.

The next 7 days were a huge mix of emotion and self realisation. You HAVE to embrace each day and greet it with an open mind In order to get the max out of the experience. Even thou it was very challenging at times it was also very rewarding.
Not only did we connect back up with one another but actually we connected more deeply with our individual.

It is hard, really not a retreat as in you get pampered on a daily basis, (there is a massage opportunity throughout the day so not all bad), it’s emotionally hard, at times physically testing and it can even be scary BUT trust the guys who are guiding you, they are special and we owe them so much.

There’s JC, he does the couples therapy and he is the foundation of the program. He is kind but firm, he holds no prisoners but he also hold your hand, personally we have a lot to be thankful to him for. He has a way of getting through to you which is a very special gift to hold. An amazing individual with a huge heart.

“Then there’s Manuela, she is the kundalini yoga teacher. Never done kundalini before but we soooooooo looked forward to starting each day in her presence. She has such a kind manner about her and she really really is a master of her trade, we have both come away with mantras which help us through the hard times, if she was in the UK we would be going to see her every week!

Then there’s Anna, she is the equestrian assisted therapist…..therapy with horses present! We were very sceptical about this, never heard of it and wasn’t sure it was as the research said. Having now experienced it ourselves it’s a mind opener. Horses are such wonderful creatures with so much emotion. Anna is fab at making you feel comfortable and has a unique way of making you feel safe to open up…..even when there’s a horse running around you!

And finally there is Angela, she is the Tantra teacher. This at the start was the hardest part of the day for us. Not only is it the most energetic but it’s also very quirky and outside of most people’s comfort zone! Once you embrace this practice it’s sooooooo liberating it’s literary a game changer! It really is different to anything we have ever experienced/participated in our whole lives but it had such a great impact that literary we can’t wait to go again.

Overall, this couples retreat is different but so effective, so challenging, so liberating, so educational and so special! We went with no specific expectations but we came away with the most humbling and awakening experience which we will cherish forever. Oh and the food provided is just the BEST!!!!!

Thank you to the whole team, it beats any 5 stars plus resort, the staff are the kindest happiest staff we came across, nothing is ever too much trouble and our one year old was definitely the centre of attention.

Thank you JC and team for a life-changing experience, we reconnected with both each other and discovered ourselves in a way which has made us embrace life differently and enjoy more!

G, Intensive Couples Retreat