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Our Story

The Place was founded by renowned psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet. He has over 17 years experience in the field, building successful practices both in Greece and London and treating clients from around the globe. Describing himself as a “natural born therapist”, Jean-Claude has developed and refined his therapeutic approach to include Kundalini Yoga and meditation, along with a variety of other complementary therapies (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Watsu, Chi Qong, Clinical Hypnosis, Equine-Assisted Therapy and nutritional healing); these work together to create profound and lasting transformations in a relatively short amount of time. He does not follow a particular school of therapy but instead approaches any issues with an integrative approach, tailored to the needs of each individual, be that man or woman, a couple or a family.

Having been given the gift to help people evolve is one of the most beautiful things in the world

– Jean-Claude

Kundalini Yoga as part of this process is a proven way of accelerating growth and evolution. Taught by Manuela Herreros, a highly-established and practiced Kundalini teacher in Bali and worldwide, The Place now offers this amazing form of Yoga as an integral part of the retreats.

Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. All is in you. Your are the storehouse of your totality.

– Yogi Bhajan

The Way Forward

   The aim is always the same: to help our guests evolve into a better version of themselves by way of emotional awareness, emotional self-regulation, and through enhancing self-motivation, delayed gratification, empathy, and communication abilities.

     Please read the testimonials written by past guests in order to understand how our process has worked for each of these individuals, couples and families.


The vision was to create a beautiful sanctuary where therapists, teachers and practitioners could come together to deliver intensive retreats that would allow people to transform their lives. Jean Claude’s love for his island home of Bali, which he describes as “an extraordinary and powerful place” made it the perfect location and The Place opened its doors in 2015.

Nowadays, The Place offers a combination of Psychotherapy coupled with daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. This is the Yoga of awareness. The therapists then decide which other therapies – such as equine assisted learning, Tantra Yoga and bodywork – would be appropriate for each particular client.

To find out more about Jean-Claude Chalmet’s approach, please refer online to the many articles he has written for The Times in London.


Unique Process

Synergy n. (ˈsɪnədʒi): The combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately

– Cambridge English Dictionary


Throughout human history and across cultures, people have sought a deeper wisdom and understanding of the emotional strains of life. This has resulted in many hundred of different therapies, practices, rituals and techniques that are all designed to improve our wellbeing and experience of life. The most modern of these is what we call clinical psychotherapy, but it is by no means the first. For centuries, people have pursued all manner of practices such as meditation, yoga and holistic therapies.

At The Place, our aim is to help people become the best possible version of themselves. We have therefore chosen the most effective practices from the past and the present to create a unique and powerfully effective therapeutic programme.



Psychotherapy is a broad term that covers many methods. At the heart of each of these methods is the intention to help a person to resolve any emotional and psychological issues that are having a negative effect on their wellbeing. Psychotherapy is based upon regular personal interaction between a professional therapist and an individual patient, couple, family or group. The trained therapist will guide you through your experiences and show you where problems arise, what causes them and how to resolve destructive or distressing mental habits.

What makes our process unique?

The uniqueness of the process lies exactly in the combination of the mind/body approach that was practised by the ancient Greeks more than 2500 years ago:  “ A healthy mind in a healthy body “


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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Known as the ‘Yoga of awareness’, Kundalini is a specific yogic tradition that incorporates movement, breathing, chanting and meditation.

Unlike other yogic practices that have become mainstream in the western world, Kundalini does not focus on physical achievements, such as stretching and bending. Instead, the aim is to awaken consciousness into parts of the body that may have simply been forgotten.

This is a yoga for everyone – no matter their age, shape, or physical fitness.

Dealing with old habits

There is an old yogic saying: ‘Your habits define you’. In Kundalini yoga, students are invited to practice every day in order to break old destructive patterns and create new healthy pathways that remain for life.

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Complementary Medicine

Viewing the body as a whole from the tip of the toes to the top of the head, our holistic personalised and confidential treatments empower clients  to improve their physical health in conjunction with the psycho-spiritual, and to thus transform every aspect of their lives.

Clients will be given the space to relax, receive, and be supported in their process here at The Place, where we offer a wide selection of treatments in complementary therapies.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease

– Hippocrates


A customised approach is carefully crafted for each individual. Ranging from acupuncture, art therapy, an abundant selection of massage styles, sound therapy, singing therapy, all the way to Zen mindfulness training. This unique combination will help speed your personal healing and evolution.


Equine – Assisted Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy is a relatively new concept that was developed in the 1990’s. The premise for using horses to assist with therapy in humans is based on the modern understanding of the nature of horses as flight animals. Horses have evolved a hyper-sensitivity to their surroundings so that they can take flight (run away) when they sense danger. As pack animals, this hyper-sensitivity includes an acute awareness of the emotions of other animals. This characteristic of horses makes them incredibly powerful assistants in therapy.

 We sometimes hide our emotions or deny them to ourselves. Over time this becomes such a strong habit that we may not even be aware that we are doing it. But the horse acts as a mirror of our true emotions and can be astonishingly accurate. If people nearby feel scared, the horse will also feel scared and want to run away. If they are feeling lonely then the horse will likely come close and provide comfort.

Working our emotions with a little help from our horses

By working closely with this personal mirror of ourselves as we talk with a trained therapist, we gain a much clearer understanding of how we genuinely feel about certain things as they arise. With this clarity and understanding we can work through our emotions, identify the issues that cause problems and work towards resolving them.


The term Tantra has gained some extraordinary connotations in the Western world. In reality there are a wide array of Tantric practices and rituals such as dynamic meditation, mantras, movement practices and spiritual ceremonies.

At The Place we use Tantra to help participants break down their external walls and open up to their own internal emotions and sensations. 


By allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable within a safe environment, we see inside of ourselves and gain a deeper understanding of our own internal fears, hopes, anxieties, and motivations. When employed in combination with modern talking therapy Tantra becomes an incredibly powerful tool.

By combining psychotherapy with the other therapies, you will begin to develop healthy and positive mental habits that will replace old habits and become ingrained for life.

Continued Care

The Place believes that continued care is an important part to helping people return into the busy world. We help clients to flow seamlessly into their expanded lives. Retreat participants and their guides meet regularly over video, webinar, or phone conference to share and assist with continued growth, keeping the experience and process buoyant and progressive.

In London, regular Friday night Kundalini Yoga classes will also aid those living nearby to continue their practice in a safe and understanding space.

The Place | Bali

Constructed in the traditional Balinese Balé style, The Place is a veritable oasis, right in the heart of Seminyak, and provides a deliciously private setting in which to escape the mundane world and to revel in the luxury of an amazing private retreat. Float your troubles away in the salt water pool, recline in a sun lounger, find a peaceful shady spot in the garden, or nestle into the cushions on a sofa with a book from the private library.

Evenings have their own special magic. The hum of cicadas replaces the sweet birdsong, candles flicker in their lanterns and the sky glows with starlight.

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The Place has eight king-size bedrooms, each air conditioned with en-suite bathroom and uniquely decorated in a modern style with a mix of Asian and European influences.  Spacious communal areas are charmingly decorated, melding the magic and mysticism of the east with the grace of old-world Europe and you will find oriental antiques, family heirlooms and rich works of art scattered throughout the rooms.


As the saying goes, a healthy body means a healthy mind, and food has an integral part to play in wellness.  Our  Resident Chef, Mr Johnson, is on hand to prepare tasty and nourishing meals throughout your stay, using the freshest of seasonal and organic ingredients. Days begin with a lavish breakfast of tropical fruit, fresh-baked pastries, organic smoothies and daily cooked options. Lunch is light and wholesome, while in the evening, guests will sit down for a gourmet meal, blending flavours from the Orient and the Mediterranean. Specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian and veganism, and individual requests are happily accommodated.

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