Why book a Long Stay Retreat?

Why book a Long Stay Retreat?

It is widely acknowledged that the mind consists of a negative and a positive mind. They are both important to our wellbeing, providing us with protection and expansiveness.  However, if the negative mind is too strong or the positive mind too weak, our perception of reality soon becomes negatively distorted.  At The Place Retreats Bali, our Long Stay Transformational Retreats, led by globally renowned psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet and his team of experts, provide you with the learning and tools required to manage the negative mind. In group and individual therapy, participants identify their trigger points, which usually originate from traumatic past experiences, and with our guidance construct effective coping mechanisms to manage this negativity.

The combination of therapy in The Place’s tranquil surroundings with Kundalini Yoga and meditation taught by ground-breaking yoga instructor Manuela Herreros and her team, provides a mind and body rejuvenation that leads to overwhelmingly positive growth and negative habits being broken. These benefits build with the daily practices of the 40 or 90-day programme; new life habits are formed and established for the body, mind and spirit, allowing for deep-seated changes to your mindset that continue to manifest themselves over time.

One of our The Place, Bali guests described the experience, with these moving words:

“With the practice of Kundalini yoga, we work each System separately: heart, metabolic, digestive, lungs, kidneys, central nervous system and Rebirthing. I do not like to describe it or call it “healing”, because, this is an endless process, and something always comes out over the years … but this retreat taught me to manage those moments, change the way I see them, love myself deeply and forgive everything that has already happened. I understood that I am not my story, I am what I build for myself.  I found family and love without looking for it and without expecting anything in return.”

Issues that effect our everyday lives such as addiction, low self-esteem, eating disorders and a plethora of other problems can be treated, breaking negative patterns, thanks to the 40 or 90-day therapy and yoga practice. The totally bespoke experience we provide is tailored to each guests’ needs and requirements.  Individual therapy sessions are combined with group therapy that aids the path to healing and change. For our 40-day guests, we ensure the process of transformation continues when they return to their homes, by providing a daily medication practice and ongoing support from our team of experts, for any issues that may arise.

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