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Tailor your stay at The Place with our personalised retreat programmes.

At The Place, we offer a range of personalised retreat programmes that combine psychotherapy, kundalini yoga and other complementary therapies that deliver deep and lasting emotional and psychological changes, helping you to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled in life. 

Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a family, we can customise your experience at The Place so that you get the most out of your stay. Our expert team specialise in the treatment of depression, emotional abuse, sexual orientation, sexual issues, self-esteem issues, anger and anger management, addiction, food concerns, breakdowns, divorce, redundancy, dysfunctional relationships, and destructive behaviours, both to the self and to others.

Explore our range of retreat programmes below.

Personalised Retreats - The Place Retreats

Personalised retreats, made just for you

For something to be life changing, it must be an experience unique to you. At The Place, we offer bespoke retreat programmes that are profound, transformational and that accommodate your exact needs.

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Long Stay Retreats - The Place Retreats

Long-stay retreats for up to 90 days

We recognise that time is the ultimate healer. That’s why we offer long-stay retreats, helping you truly relax, unwind and find that all important reset button.

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Individual Retreats - The Place Retreats

Individual retreats, need help moving forward in your own life?

Our individual retreats are for people who want to recover, renew, and revive in a luxurious Balinese resort, and under expert guidance.

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Couple Relationship Retreats - The Place Retreats

Retreats for couples, looking to improve your relationship?

We all need to feel intimacy, trust and respect from loved ones. Our couples therapy retreat allows you to untangle the barriers that might be getting in the way of a happy, loving relationship.

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Family Retreats - The Place Retreats

Retreats for Families – discover new ways to love your loved ones

Family is the most important thing we have, but sometimes family dynamics can impede our love for one another. Find out how our family therapy retreat helps your family understand how to love one another stronger.

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