Long Stay Retreats

The Place

These luxurious long-stay retreats form the bedrock of The Place.  Our guests normally arrive at The Place in Seminyak, Bali fraught with stress, anxiety, sadness, and trepidation. It does not take long before they feel safe and secure in the total care of our professional team, and they find they can absolutely relax and unwind.

All of us are beautifully capable of changing our unhelpful habits, behaviours, and states of mind. It’s natural for the human brain to focus on the negative – a necessary bias which alerts us to threats and hardwires us for survival. Combined with difficult or traumatic experience, it’s no wonder that fearful thoughts and low mood dominate our actions and darken our reality. In trying to protect ourselves, we harm ourselves. Our perception of the world and our place within it becomes distorted and we struggle to function normally. Common signs of this are: fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, food issues, depression and addiction.

At The Place Retreats, our participants learn how to manage their emotions – which can often be difficult, extreme and overwhelming. As they grow to understand what triggers these feelings, which usually originate from distressing past experiences, they become able to cope with situations that previously might have crushed them, and experience strength, contentment and balance in their everyday lives.

During our time together, participants undertake a transformational process of dynamic yoga, meditation plus individual and group therapy. This occurs in the gorgeous exotic surroundings of Seminyak, on the Balinese coast. Imagine a long stay in a sumptuous boutique hotel, with leisure time to enjoy the swimming pools, tropical gardens, spa treatments, complementary therapies, and gourmet Asian and European cuisine.

The healing process, despite its many challenges, can be pleasurable and rewarding.

You will learn the practice of Kundalini yoga – which helps develop a more instinctive connection between how we feel and our physicality – and practice it for forty consecutive days. The meditative element of the yoga is particularly effective at calming your mind and creating new neural pathways that help you to maintain a more useful, grounded outlook, positive habits, and an authentic, effective way of seeing and being. The longer stay enables you to crystallise these beneficial patterns and achievements.

If you choose to take the 40 day rather than the 90-day retreat, you can continue the process at home with a simple daily meditation. Our therapists are available to provide ongoing support if you need it.

This is a bespoke experience that is precisely tailored to every participant. Each individual also takes part in group sessions – which people often dread – yet inevitably find enormously rewarding, inspiring and reassuring. To ensure that you are placed in a group that best suits your needs, prior to your arrival we arrange an introductory session (either in person or via Skype/FaceTime) with one of our therapists.

The Place offers a tailor-made version of this retreat package. We encourage you to contact us with any further questions or information requirements, we are delighted to help.

The Retreat

This is a transformational Long stay Retreat
Upon arrival in Bali, you will be welcomed at the airport and taken to the five-star centre that is your home for the duration of your stay. You will be totally free of all responsibilities. Meals, transport and activities are all catered for, giving you the time and space that you need to focus on yourself being able to let go of the stressful everyday life, finding true guidance for new directions. Being totally taken care of, you can start to feel more confident, relaxed, renewed and revived.

Retreat Details

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Duration: 40/90 days (whilst this retreat is ongoing, tailor-made stays are available for any length of stay above 8 days – contact us for more information.)



  • Contemporary and spacious guest room with an ensuite bathroom
  • 3 delicious per day meals  prepared by our resident chef
  • Airport transfers
  • 3 Individual Therapy sessions per week with Jean-Claude
  • 3 Group Therapy sessions per week with Jean-Claude
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • 2 Complimentary Therapy sessions per week, from the following: Craniosacral, Watsu, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Osteopathy, Spiritual Wellness and Hypnotherapy with our body treatment experts
  • 2 Balinese Massages per week
  • 1 Private Yoga consultation per week
  • Yin Yoga sessions
  • Personal Fitness Training (on request)

I could never adequately put into words just how magical The Place truly is, but I know there is nowhere else I could ever hope to find the love, support, understanding and respect I received in Bali. When I arrived at The Place for a 90-day retreat, I had no idea why I was there or what to expect. I gathered my very last bits of courage and hope to get there, after spending years completely disconnected from myself on a cocktail of psychotropic medications. I waited several months to write this because even after I left, I couldn’t fully grasp how The Place would impact my life. I suppose if I had to sum up what I learned, it would be to love myself, and within that, who ‘myself’ truly is. We worked tirelessly in yoga, therapy, and our free time to observe and release years and years of fear and turn it into strength, resilience and above all, love. Our days and weeks were varied, sometimes spent journalling and staring into space, and sometimes filled with activities such as surfing, horse-riding or volunteering, but the progress never stopped. Every day was a new challenge, but also a new victory and by the end of the retreat I was no longer apathetic or afraid of my past, present or future, and couldn’t wait to ‘rejoin’ the world. I don’t take any medications, I feel physically healthier than ever, and above all, I have perspective and a new-found ‘sparkle’ (as my friends and family have put it.) Several months later and I know that no matter the challenges that arise, whether they be in or out of my control, I’ll always feel safe and loved because I’ll always have myself. I have The Place and the extraordinary therapists and staff that work there to thank and will be forever grateful. (Especially to Mr Johnson, who spoiled us every day with the most delicious food!)

LG, 90 Day Transformational Retreat.

I visited Bali and The Place in April 2017 and it was without a doubt a life changing experience.
Apart from all the pampering you get from the lovely staff of the villa, the excellent food cooked by the ever so accommodating Mr Johnson, the activities, the in-house treatments which you can arrange on demand, and the villa its self, which is an oasis of beautiful gardens, a pristine pool and the lovely rooms decorated in tune with Balinese style, nothing falls short of the word retreat. it is indeed a retreat for both the body and soul.

Jean Claude, Manuela and all the staff, make sure this is a stay catered to the individual’s needs, and at the same that you are part of a group, who, for the duration of your stay, and thereafter, become your ‘family’ as you have shared this amazing experience with them.

I would highly recommend The Place to anyone who is looking to get away from the busy city life and the unavoidable stress that comes along with it, and spend quality time with either a family member, a partner, or alone, in order to manage to get a better and more informed perspective of life as a whole.